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Best lone worker safety devices Victoria

lone worker safety devices Victoria

Lone Worker Alarms Australia

Lone Worker Safety Devices Australia.Man Down Alarm

Personal Alarm, Fall detect, Man Down No-Motion & GPS Tracker

Lone Worker Alarms Australia

Fully mobile Lone Worker Safety Alarm that can go anywhere with you. Working across Australia, our device is a cost effective health & safety solutions for individuals & businesses. 

These ‘State of the art’ devices can contact up to 10 different people in an emergency, including 000. In the case of an emergency, the worker can contact multiple responders at once, increasing the chances of getting timely assistance with the press of a single button.

Personal Safety Alarm, Man Down, Fall Detection & GPS Tracking.

Advanced technology and user-friendly design makes it a valuable tool for anyone who values safety and peace of mind

Managed and monitored by you – No Apps, No contracts, No ongoing monitoring fees. (Requires Sim Card – Not Supplied)

Able to connect to 000 with the push of one button.

Lone Worker Alarms Australia