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Buying the best fall detector can be essential, both from a safety perspective, as well as for offering you peace of mind.

The lone worker alarm is a specialised help button worn as a pendant, belt clip or worn on wrist.

It is designed to detect and summon help automatically if the user has suffered a serious fall, and also features a help button in case of an emergency. 


Falls from height, and falls on the same level have been identified in various statistics globally as a significant cause of harm

The fall detection within this alarm senses serious falls where someone may become incapacitated.

Should it detect a serious impact and an altitude drop of more than 1m and an impact, the alarm has automatic Fall detection and will enter into it emergency mode. It will ask ‘Press SOS to cancel” 3 times. If the SOS is not cancelled,it will automatically send an SOS message to the devices contacts and start calling the contacts in sequence.

Sensitivity can be adjusted and fall detection can be turned off when required. The Lone Worker Alarm can be warn as

  • Fall Detection Watch (The device comes with wristband)
  • Fall Detector clipped to clothing (Comes with beltclip)
  • Fall Detection Pendant worn around neck on Lanyard (Comes with Lanyard)

Falls are a major cause for concern in the construction & manufacturing sectors. An Australian report notes that ‘falls from height are a fundamental risk factor in the construction industry’, and that ‘falls from height are a major cause of death and are one of the main causes of injury in the construction industry, after soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries’ (Australian Safety and Compensation Council, 2008). The Australian findings reflect global finds siting similar – Falls are a significant risk to industry.

Fall Detection Personal Alarm

Some stats from the Australian Working At Heights Association


Fatalities remain high as a consequence of falls, despite a lot of effort from a number of regulators to see a reduction in this cause of death. The numbers of total deaths have  consistent exceeded 20 people per year for the last 15 years.

Falls from Roofs and Ladders remain a significant concern – especially as there are multitude of solutions to prevent these types of fatalities occurring.

Number of Claims from Falls

23% of all claims related to slips, trips and falls

Median Time Lost (in number of weeks)

Falls from a height represented an average of 7.4 weeks of recovery time before being able to return to work

Number of Serious Claims

There are still almost 7,000 claims per annum related to falls from height

Compensation Paid

Claims from falls from a height average over $14,000 per claim, the second highest of all  claims, behind mental stress.

Some additional Statistics from Safe Work Australia can be found here – Fall Statistics

If you are worried about falls yourself, or worried for someone who may be prone, an alarm with serious fall detection may be of assistance.