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Where are your employees and how do you find them if they need help?


Our lone worker alarm comes standard with in built personal GPS location finding. 

In the event the personal alarms SOS button has been activated, it automatically sends the users GPS coordinates to the emergency contacts  cell phones in an SMS message that links to Google Maps. Emergency Contact will be able to see the location of the alarm pendant within several meters. 

If an emergency contact is worried for alarm wearer, they are able to locate the unit by simply sending it a text/SMS command asking it for its location. The alarm will respond automatically and silently without disturbing the wearer, sending the GPS Coordinates back to the carer with its GPS location and link to Google Maps. 

If the device is unable to locate any GPS satellite signals (Such as inside a building or carpark – anywhere with no line of sight to the sky), it will use GSM & Wifi signals to give a ‘relative’ location instead.

When someone is in need of help, or if you are trying to locate someone, this device with inbuilt GPS Location tracking could be invaluable.